Solar Sales and Service

Interested in Solar?

Solar power is a green energy alternative which provides a source of electricity that is eco friendly. By investing in solar panels you increase the value of your property and save on electricity bills while using a green renewable energy source.

This forward thinking produces benefits both monetarily and for our children’s futures on our planet. Our goal is always working towards newer technologies that increase efficiency and move closer to energy independence while protecting the environment.

Ask about getting a solar panel array installed on your homes roof to collect the suns photons and produce clean energy. The size of the array will determine how much energy can be used for lights, appliances, and other electricity needs.

Feel free to give us a call at (740) 350-0567 or request a free estimate to see what we can do for your situation. We take care of residential homes and install solar panels in commercial businesses as well. After you speak with one of our representatives you will see why so many people in the West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio area have come to rely on our friendly services.

Solar Arrays are the most efficient in the cooler parts of the year. If you have a system that provides feedback and monitors the system you will be able to see how things are working throughout the year. All electrical systems work better in the cooler months, but if you see that your solar array is not performing properly give us a call.

There are some arrays that are set up to where if one panel is out or not working it can affect a whole string of panels and prevent the system from working correctly. It is always important to perform regular maintenance to make sure the solar panels stay clean.

Most of the time this simply means cleaning the panels off by spraying them with water. Keep all dirt, dust, debris, and bird droppings off the solar panels to get the most from them.